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Men's Waxed Jackets

What is a waxed jacket?

A waxed jacket is made from cotton that’s treated with wax to make it water-resistant. Evolved from the oiled sailcloth once used by 18th-century mariners for protection from weather and waves, current-day waxed cotton fabrics are treated with paraffin or beeswax-based formulas.

What are the advantages of waxed canvas jackets?

Waxed jackets are highly durable, softening with use and molding to the shape of your body. A Filson Tin Cloth waxed jacket will not be damaged by thorns, brush, or sparks flying off a campfire. Our jackets, pants, and bags made with waxed canvas can be reproofed to maintain and even improve their water resistance over the years. What really sets a Filson waxed jacket apart, however, is the repairs we offer that can dramatically extend its service life. Waxed canvas should never be washed – just brush the mud off and hang it to dry. Over the years, a waxed jacket will develop its own unique patina that tells the story of miles traveled and jobs done well.

Why choose a Filson Waxed Canvas Coat?

Filson pioneered manufacturing work clothes made with waxed canvas as early as the 1920s. The term “waxed jacket” is really just a modern name given to the type of rainwear that Filson has manufactured for the last century. In the rain-soaked forests of the Pacific Northwest, avid sportsmen and forestry professionals trust Filson Tin Cloth because it’s the original, the waxed canvas with a century of proven toughness. We also offer waxed-cotton jackets in lighter weights that are pliable from the first day.

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