King Fool Summer Think Tank Spectacle Parade

We are developing a summer education program, to begin in the summer of 2017.

We will tour a small professional show, in the fall of 2016, to schools in Vermont. We will offer workshops, network with students and mentors, and invite them to submit creative projects for a contest to win places in the summer company. Stipend/scholarships are granted to students who would not otherwise be able to participate. A dozen students, representing different towns and possessing different skills, gather with a group of teaching artists and work together to create an original traveling spectacle based on a classic play or well-known story or myth. This tours the state, including each of the student home towns.

The Premises:

  • Our future needs brilliant, collaborative problem-solvers.
  • The best learning happens while having fun.
  • Young people can spread the word across barriers faster than anyone.

The goals:

  • To deepen young people‚Äôs entrepreneurial skills and their interest in their communities
    and the world beyond.
  • To create new communities of young people who have had hands-on experience of the
    power of the creative process.
  • To inspire the home communities of the students.
  • To encourage conversations about important issues during all phases of the project.
  • To provide training ground for future creative artists and teachers.